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The Official Derby | Reynolds Deer {Monster Buck}

Lippy’s Lessons | 14: Look at that monster buck o’er there, she sho do look like she tastes good!

Well hello!  It has been a long time for me, Sean Lippy, to talk to yous.  I have been bizzy helping Mr. Thom Derby hunt for deer this fall.  We sat up all night watching the monster buck series on the DVD back in September and he saids to me, “Seanny, you stick with me […]

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PUTTING THE $ BACK INTO $CIENCE  |  Official Derby | Reynolds Leaf

Lippy’s Lessons | 13: I gots drunk with my boy Barry and wrote a poem for Mr. Gordin last night

Ok yawl so I was gettin my drink on at Old Chicago last night with Barry.  That boy can drink.  We be hitting all the bars since the leaves started goin Derby orange on our ass.  We love Chile’s on Friday, Applebees on Tuesdays, Buffalo Wild Wings on Mondays and late tonight we fenda hit […]

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Facebook nerds and domestic peasants polluted the internet with Mr. Stevie's quotes, but Sean Lippy says, "

Lippy’s Lessons | 12: Mr. Stevie Jobs, I will mos def stay hungry & foolish at Derby Reynolds cuz peasant life aint for me!

“I be watching you on the internets of late after Stevie died and yawl gotta lotta nerve to quote the one man who broke all the rules while you sit back on your peasant lives being the same as everyone else.  Have you thought differently today? No.  Did you pass up your 3 egg and […]

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A fan of DERBY | REYNOLDS eats Sean Lippy's favorite ribs at Chili's during Sean and Alyssa party for her promotion to Jr. Account Executive.

Lippy’s Lessons | 11: Who are yous? I tell yous!

YAWL KNOW WASSUP?! Well, it’s Friday for one; secondly, there’s been some crazy bowl sheet going down at THE WAL-MART OF ADVERTISING.™ I’m not allowed to talk about it yet but when I dos, yawls will knows. We gonna be bigger than ever is all my ass fenda share with yous about Mr Thom and […]

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Lippy’s Lessons | 10: Bill Hicks already said it for me, “Scumbags.”

There’s some bowl sheet going down at DERBY | REYNOLDS. 1. LaVonne, she a rat! That old ho be ratting on me. 2. Big Bill Reynolds wants me out, but my boy T-Derby be standing up for me! Well I aints got nothin new to say to yawl bout all this shit that my main man […]

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Holy Advertising Firm! Non-profit is where it at, T-Derbs, my boy!

Lippy’s Lessons | 9: My boy, T-Derbs, & I fenda christian choke hold all yawl fake churches runnin’ around as ad firms.

Yawl miss me? Well. Lemme tell yawl what’s been up really quickly without swearing. Ok sos, LaVonne Hayes (rat) is a tattle teller. She be telling Mr. Reynolds I swears too much on the internets.  Last week, Mr. Reynolds went to my boy, T-Derbs, his company partner, and says, “We have to fire Sean. He’s […]

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Lippy’s Lessons | 8: Chinga Tu Madre, Lavonne! Chinga Tu Madre, You Rat Ho!

Yawl prolly know wassup today.  LaVonne be rattin on me and sh!t. Old Ho told Big Bill Reynolds, one of our company’s founding fathers, that I be swearing up a storm in this house.  Yawl know what? I am. LaVonne has had it out for me since day 1. I even wrote about it last […]

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Lippy’s Lessons | 7: Too many IT guys be sleepin all day eating cheetohs n’ sh!t!

I cants gets a break here at D. | R. H.Q..  Bitches in Shipping and Receiving be stealin my orange custom patch cables  last Friday and some of yawl be trippin up the comments sections this week! Hump day be killin me todays because of one white advertising dude. So today’s lesson is fo this dude […]

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Lippy’s Lessons | 6: Jimmy & Linda Be Stealin’ My Orange Ethernet Cables

Now I know somebody be stealin my orange ethernet cables from the IT supply closet I keep unlocked most days.  I’ve had a hunch for weeks that my orange cables were sneakin out on me but today confirmed my hunches.  Let me say this up front, it ain’t about the cables, it’s about somebody fenda […]

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Lippy’s Lessons | 5: Somebody best answer Jennifer Kowalski’s phone; or I fenda read my co-workers emails.

Somebody best find Jenny girl from Marketing Research. Her phone be dialed up like a mother fucker today! I says to Alyssa today, “yo Lyssa baby where the hell is Jenny girl at? That shit be ringin off the hook! Bitch locked dat doe and left the ringer volume on eleven! Come on, she know […]

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