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We Must $ave the Village of Rockford in Illinois to Preserve the Economic Health of $chaumburg!

Dear LinkedIn community; or shall I address you here within as LIC? I write to you, LIC, with economic and logical concerns for the village of Rockford in Illinois, about fifty miles from my company’s headquarters in sunny Schaumburg of Illinois. Emotion and delusion is running rampant amongst the peasants and is spreading outwards towards […]

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PUTTING THE $ BACK INTO $CIENCE  |  Official Derby | Reynolds Leaf

Boosting Career Value Begins by Being the Carrot, Not a Rabbit

Jobs are no different than carrots. Like rabbits, we humans work through gravel, grass, sand, water and dirt to find the nicest carrot that fits our needs. Finding the best, healthiest, most nutritional carrot might be as easy as becoming the carrot–instead of always thinking you must be the rabbit. In fact, you should become […]

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