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A fan of DERBY | REYNOLDS eats Sean Lippy's favorite ribs at Chili's during Sean and Alyssa party for her promotion to Jr. Account Executive.

Lippy’s Lessons | 11: Who are yous? I tell yous!

YAWL KNOW WASSUP?! Well, it’s Friday for one; secondly, there’s been some crazy bowl sheet going down at THE WAL-MART OF ADVERTISING.™ I’m not allowed to talk about it yet but when I dos, yawls will knows. We gonna be bigger than ever is all my ass fenda share with yous about Mr Thom and […]

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Lippy’s Lessons | 10: Bill Hicks already said it for me, “Scumbags.”

There’s some bowl sheet going down at DERBY | REYNOLDS. 1. LaVonne, she a rat! That old ho be ratting on me. 2. Big Bill Reynolds wants me out, but my boy T-Derby be standing up for me! Well I aints got nothin new to say to yawl bout all this shit that my main man […]

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Jeff Tethernick Swoons Embry-Riddle in Houston, Texas

The Color Orange (aka, DERBY | REYNOLDS) made a huge impression Friday night, Aug. 5th, in Houston, Texas.  Jeff Tethernick, head of our Accounting Department, had been vacating with his family when a chance encounter with a foul ball at a Houston Astros game led his son, Vince, into the arms of one of the […]

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Holy Advertising Firm! Non-profit is where it at, T-Derbs, my boy!

Lippy’s Lessons | 9: My boy, T-Derbs, & I fenda christian choke hold all yawl fake churches runnin’ around as ad firms.

Yawl miss me? Well. Lemme tell yawl what’s been up really quickly without swearing. Ok sos, LaVonne Hayes (rat) is a tattle teller. She be telling Mr. Reynolds I swears too much on the internets.  Last week, Mr. Reynolds went to my boy, T-Derbs, his company partner, and says, “We have to fire Sean. He’s […]

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