Lippy’s Lessons | 9: My boy, T-Derbs, & I fenda christian choke hold all yawl fake churches runnin’ around as ad firms.

Sean Lippy, I.T. Administrator

Yawl miss me? Well. Lemme tell yawl what’s been up really quickly without swearing.

Ok sos, LaVonne Hayes (rat) is a tattle teller. She be telling Mr. Reynolds I swears too much on the internets.  Last week, Mr. Reynolds went to my boy, T-Derbs, his company partner, and says, “We have to fire Sean. He’s not the face of our company.”  So Mr. Derby was like, “hail naw.” They wrestled for a bit and Jeff from accounting split it up. Apparently they fenda split this company up but the lawyers can’t see eye to eye, so we is as we be right now.

How we be yous ask? We busier than ever here at THE WAL-MART OF ADVERTISING!  Ad men be peein in they pants cause they caught now. We knows what they dos on they lunches and Fridays!  Yawl be dranking and golfin! White people some funny dudes.  Especially pasty dudes in fake churches selling multi-media skills to the public as an option for advertising and marketing services.

That is one big, non-profit, advertising firm!

All these big boxed fake churches acting like ad firms in poor cities! They gonna be tripping up on they business morals cause we gonna go get them in a Christian choke hold now and squeeze those pennies outta they pockets they be lining!  Like this one right here that we fenda to visit. We gonna fool yawl into thinking we want to help the community too- just like dem!  Soon we fenda take over politics and city government, just like they dos in po cities.

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Yo, you can’t fool Sean Lippy wit yo LLC, non-profit, religious organization bowl sheet! Like I says to T-Derbs, “yo Thomas, I try my best not to swears but those fake churches have it coming from Lippy | Derby… DERBY | LIPPY, hmm.”

DERBY | LIPPY… I likes the sounds of that!

Holy Advertising Firm! Non-profit is where it at, T-Derbs, my boy!

Hail yawl, I like big ol’  Bill Reynolds but he be trippin on LaVonne’s sheet!  We see what happens here in the next few weeks. I’m just happy to have my job still. Thank you, T-Derbs- you my boy!

Sean Lippy
I.T. Administrator
E:  [email protected]


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