NEW COMPANY CAR! Introducing the 2012 Derby Lamboguinea™

Thomas Derby, CEO AND LORD OF ALL IN THE YOU$A™, Buys Custom Orange Lamborghini To Replace Custom Orange H2 Hummers!

Thom is spotted with his new Derby Lamboguinea™ in downtown Rockford, IL, a very poor village in America.

Thomas Derby, the CEO & LORD of all here at, has decided to raid poor villages in America with his new custom orange Lamborghini.  During today’s 3.875 hour creative production meeting, Thom announced:

I hereby declare the new company car be named DERBY LAMBOGUINEA!  I will plow through poor villages like Rockford and Sudan in my new, expensive, custom orange company car.  I will drive it where everyone can see it.  I will stop to smell the filth in a poor town.  I will follow the scent to the nearest coffee shops, taverns, churches, gas stations and Chilis restaurants. It is there that I will seek out garbage men on business benders, entertaining clients.  It is there where I will pull up a seat and eat and drink from the tables of poor places.  I will take their clients and their lunches when I say, do you want to take a ride with a successful business man in the Derby Lamboguinea?  Do you want to drive an orange Derby Lamboguinea to the county line and beyond?  Then, leave the scumbags and garbage men behind.”


Jennifer Kowalski
Director of Marketing Relations & Decent Bedside Behavior / Assistant Deputy of Research
DERBY | REYNOLDS – Marketing Solutions for a World Gone Mad


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