Lippy’s Lessons | 17: Mr. Gordin is the Son of the Father

… and the Fathers of the Sons destroyed it all for their Sons to Fix but they can’t and they don’t and it won’t stop cause this is America and pastyassed sons of good ol’ boys be runnin Taco Johns and loving on Motley Crüe.

Mr. Gordin thought Sean Lippy was gay.  Mr. Gordin loves Motley Crüe.

Mr. Gordin thought Sean Lippy was gay. Mr. Gordin loves Motley Crüe.

Yo yo yo smothér sü©kers, this here Lippy Lesson goes out to Ad-Rock.  I cants believes one of the 3 original Beasties is gone… shits real yo, we gettin old.  That’s why I’m here, to make the most of my time warning poor people in poor corrupt cities.  My title should says it all but I’ll explain it for you.  Who is Mr. Gordin?

El Gordin is the son of a good ol’ boy with monies who be running Taco Johns in Southern Iowa.  Mr. Gordin’s first job was at the age of 22.  He ain’t ever worked a day before that.  He went to school with other white ass people in Southern Iowa and had it all handed to him like many dumb ass lazy, fortunate, Americans.  Guess when Sean Lippy start working?  Age 14, work permit yo.  Lippy pay for every thing and everything I can’t pays for I takes out student loans for, but we know how that goes in the YOUNITED $TATES of YOUR PASTYA$$ WHITE AMERICA.  Mr. Gordin is like many fortunate people who live and work in poor villages.  He a bone headed ad firm owning scumbag with ego.  Ad firm owners in po villages walk around thinking they own this $hit.  No body own Sean Lippy.

My boss T-Derbs was tellin me some crazy stories about sons of fathers he know abouts and we be laughing, so I decided since the moods was good that it was a good time to tell my CEO and LORD, Thom Derby, abouts that one time Mr. Gordin tried to hire me and how he went about doings it.

RPS20FIVE (Rockfart Public School District) under Mr. El Gordin, called the Lippy in late june of 2010 to interview with he and his school board members. I went, made a presentation and showed off my good looks, they liked my glasses. I killed it but it’s not hard to impress handicapped elitist cattle farmers who lead peasants into the slaughter house for a feast of nothings.

They wanted to hire me FT to handle turning around RPS’ image and decided they’d call me back with an offer.   2 weeks went by, some right handed HR/ his drunk driving assistant chapron (not joking), Leo, called me on behalf of El Gordin and the board to make an offer based on my salary requests.  I told Leo that according to my market value outside of the po village of Rockfart that they needed to end up offering me a salary between a Rockfart area favored $1.00 and Fitty Sense and the real world value of $65k- $150k for me to handle all IT and networking services FT as the Director of Networking and I.T. Sh!t for RPS20FIVE.

Leo must’ve been briefed by El Gordin ahead of time and said, “according to our state’s job position and salary grade guide, your profession of IT stuff is between $12/hr and $35/hr at top level experience and years within.”  Laughingly I told Leo, “I’ve seen the state salary grade guide, it’s public accessible, and there’s many bad math problems wit yo salary grading system.  I’d prefer if you and the Board refer to Lippy’s Industry salary rates and job titles when deciding my salary contract offer.”  Leo made a note and said he’d talk to El Gordin and the Board.

A week went by, Leo called on behalf of El Gordin to offer a part time position, for me to come in 2-3 days a week to work there, because they needed work to get going right away and that we could nail down salary numbers in a PT position. I declined and said ‘What the hail you think I am? Stupid? I’m only in the market for a FT position at this point and a PT job for the state of IL doesn’t pay the bills!’  Leo didn’t like my response, I could tell, and said he’d brief El Gordin, to see what they could try to work around at that point.  Then the scumbag laughs took over.

Sean Lippy, I.T. Administrator

Bonnie Kent, who worked for El Gordin at this time, a tax payer’s city scumbag, called a week later, end of July, on a Thursday morning and said, “It’s my understanding that you’ve interviewed with the board and that El Gordin wants to hire you.  I’m the communications and marketing coordinator for RPS20FIVE, forgive me, I was on summer vacation since early June and their interests in your IT services are new to me.  I have many projects I need to get going on immediately for the school year kick off, our convocation. Are you interested and can you come in to meet me today?”

Me:  “I am interested, I can come in tomorrow to meet, see what you got for me to look over but today is shot. I have to meet Alyssa Sojahnowski for lunchtime sex and that may last till sundown.”

Bonnie:  “We’re on summer hours right now, I don’t work tomorrow. Can we meet Monday? In the meantime I can email you the projects and related details to get a head start?”

Me:  “Monday sounds great, I can meet this weekend too at the Olive Garden or Old Chicago if it’s a lot of work you need done by a certain date…”

Bonnie:  “We don’t work weekends at RPS20FIVE, Monday at 10am here?  What’s your email address, I’ll send over documents.”

Me:  “I should warn you upfront before doing anything that my ass likes to provide estimates, contracts up front on anything you may need my services for because this ain’t 1860, I don’t work for water and shady asswhite man promises. I can look over your documents to provide a ballpark by our meeting but in order for me to agree to anything I do for you and the 20FIVE, I will need a signature and a downpayment for my services.”

Bonnie:  “Our payroll is 30-45 days out and much of this work needs to be printed and ready for the convocation at every school.  The kickoff is the weekend of August 23rd”

Me:  “In that case it’s a rush on my end based on the assumption that what you need produced has 3rd party print vendors involved, yes?  I’ll need to reflect that cost in my paperwork to you, but I won’t be doing anything for RPS without a signature & a downpayment. I can’t afford that risk on delivery and the wait based on the last few weeks of communication with El Gordin, your board, and whoever that moron Leo be.”

Bonnie:  “Well, Sean, looks like we won’t be doing business together.”

Me:  “Well, Bonnie, I’ve got rules too to play by as well and if you fenda play ghetto games with me, I fenda tell the whole world about it one day.  Let the board know you can have all the work you want out of me in a FT salary position but Lippy don’t play the games you be playin with Mr. Gordin.  I gonna tell all the tax payers about yo shady ass.”

He gave a pleasant good luck and that was that. I gots off the phone and looked at the wall and thought, “what the hail was that? Who they think Lippy is?”

2 weeks later, in the village newspaper, El Gordin canceled the school year kickoff, claiming it was fiscally responsible to forgo an estimate 9-10k spending on IT services.  What a bunch of cons, yo, triple that shit for a Lippy rush.

90% OffThe punchlines:  El Gordin was forced out, Bonnie was forced out.  They be runnin ad firms now trying to bid on tax payer paid projects that have 6 figure budgets.  Meanwhile, tax payers in Rockfart have no jobs, shady School system, high property taxes, high crime, and big ol’ holed roads. LAUGH OUT LOUD Y’ALL! = Lol.  That’s why we offer 90% off all tax-payer funded marketing projects estimated at 100k and more at Derby | Reynolds. 

In 2011, RPS20FIVE pretended to open up public bidding for IT service providers (same $hit they considered hiring me for, for FT), but had already arranged a back door deal with an ad firm  that one of the board member’s son and daughter and wife be runnin cause that how they do bidnizz in Rockfart, IL. 6 figured IT retainers at the expenses of the tax payers in po villages in po states. Based on ‘professional communication’ I’ve experienced more than once now in ‘professional situations’ with so-called professional leaders, I have no problem using words like “retards”, “cons”, “users”, “alcoholics”, “hillbillies” and “scumbags” to describe Rockford, Illinois’ Professional Business, Community and City Government leaders.  They the same words I will use on anybody that try to take advantage of the Lippy and his peers.

Mr. Gordin never earn the respect of the Lippy. Hail naw.  One time I ran into him at an art gallery opening when I was doing Alyssa Sojahnowski, and he says to me,:

Oh wow Sean, I thought you weres gay.”  I said, “How so El Gordin?”  Mr. Gordin say, Your glasses threw me off and during your interview with me, I told you I loved Motley Crüe & you laughed at me, proceeding to tell the school board about art and music you enjoy.  I swore you were gay because every man like me loves Motley Crüe, but now it appears I was wrong.

You more than wrong, sadly, there are more bona-fide retards just like Mr. Gordin runnin’ this country into the ground with yo opinions and practices.  It was then I confirmed my suspicions that Mr. Gordin is a stupid ass, white, fortunate hillbilly American with no tact whose father be running Taco Johns in Southern Iowa. He know nothin about the Lippy, I got years on that boy, at work and with the ladies.

T-Derbs be laughing at this story patting me on the back right now.
He running round the office singing, “Lippy don’t care!”

That’s right, Lippy don’t give two, three and four daily shits what you think.

Sean Lippy
IT Administrator
E: [email protected]


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