Jeff Tethernick Swoons Embry-Riddle in Houston, Texas

The Color Orange (aka, DERBY | REYNOLDS) made a huge impression Friday night, Aug. 5th, in Houston, Texas.  Jeff Tethernick, head of our Accounting Department, had been vacating with his family when a chance encounter with a foul ball at a Houston Astros game led his son, Vince, into the arms of one of the largest Aeronautical executives still living and working in the YOU$A!

Little Vince, aged 8, gathered himself while Jeff thanked the man and offered to buy he and his group of men a round of beer.  To his surprise, they denied– claiming they had to fly in the morning.  Jeff–not one for taking turn downs smoothly– playfully challenged the men, “What do you mean you have to fly in the morning? Come on, 1 drink, let me thank you.”  One of the executives offered that they were in town for test routes, actual flying, as each one was an experienced pilot. Talking ensued and before you know it, Jeff Tethernick’s vacation turned to work!

Having discovered  these men were in Houston, TX from Embry | Riddle Aeronautical University to scout locations for their campus this weekend, Tethernick called D.R. H.Q. late Friday night and a sales raid team was sent overnight into Houston for a late afternoon meeting on Saturday.

Company founders, Thomas Derby & William Reynolds (despite their recent wrestling match along with company divisions waiting to be legally assessed), Tethernick and Jennifer Kowalski (Marketing Research Director, and really good looking for a fake blonde) swooned the men on their marketing messages– but the selling point was Alyssa Sojahnowski, our H.R. rep, brought along as the wild card-eye candy. (A human sales trick Derby & Reynolds learned in the trenches of advertising from years spent in the N. Illinois region.) The men loved her– and so begins Ms. Sojahnowski’s future ascent to Sales and Account Executing here at DERBY | REYNOLDS.

We are happy to welcome Embry-Riddle to the WAL-MART OF ADVERTISING™ Family.  More news to be released soon– and congratulations to Jeff Tethernick for proving his mathmatical worth. We owe you another vacation, Jeff!

LaVonne Hayes
Director of Public Relations
E:[email protected]

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