Lippy’s Lessons | 13: I gots drunk with my boy Barry and wrote a poem for Mr. Gordin last night

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Ok yawl so I was gettin my drink on at Old Chicago last night with Barry.  That boy can drink.  We be hitting all the bars since the leaves started goin Derby orange on our ass.  We love Chile’s on Friday, Applebees on Tuesdays, Buffalo Wild Wings on Mondays and late tonight we fenda hit Olive Garden for sum ziti and miller lites.  (In case you be wonderin whys I have all these free times to drink, Alyssa & I are on the outs ever since Big Bill and my boy Mr. Derby split the company into 2 divisions.  Alyssa girl gots promoted to Bill’s department, and now we barely talk after our Tuesday nooners.)

So ok, Barry and I were playing napkin games and he says to me, “Yo Sean, you hear bout that crazy ad man comin round the office today yellin at T. Derbs about some facebook foo foo?” I’m like, “hail yeah I dids. that was Mr. Gordin, he craysee.”

You see Mr. Gordin was all upset at Mr. Derby bout some facebook tagging nonsense and Mr. Derby was yelling right back, “YOu DON”T OWN YOUR CLIENTS! WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? ARE YOU A PIMP, MR. GORDIN?  DO YOU THINK YOUR CLIENTS ARE WHORES?”  Ahahahha, hail yeah T. Derbs, you tale him!  I guess ol Thom promised to not tag Mr. Gordin’s bidniss anymore but damns that was sum funny shit.

So I gots drunk and wrote a poem for Mr. Gordin last night:

Twinkle, twinkle, little ad man star
How did I, Sean Mother F@cking Lippy
get to be so drunk all up on in dis bar?
High above Mr. Gordin’s face
There’ sits a meteorite from space waiting to fall down on him once he realize what a crazy pimp he be for tellin my boy T. Derbs not to tag his facebook page!
Twinkle, twinkle little star
now I gots to go to bed but I need to call Alyssa first and leave her a message, or go pee?
I dunno. Barry is my boy.
Shit gone craysee at Ol Chicago!
Tomorrow night we fenda hit the O-Garden for some ziti and mother f@ckin miller lites!
Minga my hell yeahs, yo yo yo cusimano and fo ghetto bow tit!
The end.

Sean Lippy
I.T. Administrator
E:  [email protected]

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