Lippy’s Lessons | 7: Too many IT guys be sleepin all day eating cheetohs n’ sh!t!

I cants gets a break here at D. | R. H.Q..  Bitches in Shipping and Receiving be stealin my orange custom patch cables  last Friday and some of yawl be trippin up the comments sections this week! Hump day be killin me todays because of one white advertising dude. So today’s lesson is fo this dude named Zach. He trippin all over my web site moderation todays and yesterday. That boy keepin LaVonne Bizzy too!  Now listen here Zach, LaVonne has already replied to yawl publicly  2 M%THER F@CKING TIMES regarding yo comments on some shit goin down between you and your feelings here on DERBY | REYNOLDS web site. I gots some words to throw at you today in my Lessons corner. I wants to thank you for your time but I’d also like to add; I am an IT Administrator here at Derby | Reynolds, I am black God Dammit, and I too think you are a DERBY | REYNOLDS RACIST!You hate our company blindly as your comments have proven- is it the orange color? The white dot? Did you work for Thom or Bill previously and may have a bone to pick with them?

Listen up Z-homes, I know too many white m%ther f@cking IT guys who be sleepin all day eating cheetohs n’ shit.

Plus you be thinkin our industry is filled with value and respect? Who you be workin for boy?! This is advertising and marketing! There ain’t NO RESPECT IN ADVERTISING. It’s called MONEY MAKING DOUGH TRICKIN’ PO’ PEOPLE INTO MO’ MONEY MAKIN! What make you think we do this for RESPECT?!

Have you ever worked for a greedy m%ther f@cking ad firm man in yo po town? Doubt it. I worked for 6 of them- all the same, linin their own m%ther f@ckin pockets, leasin audis, trickin up they moto cycles cause they too bored to work like a man! SCUSE YO SELF- they ain’t no respect in our market. End of the day, money is money and they want all of your time fo it. Check yo self Z.


Mr. Derby and Mr. Reynolds makes me very happy because I’ve worked for your regional competition you value so much boy- and they are very naughty, selfish people who enjoy lining their own pockets, not rewarding hard workers. Don’t talk to me about contractors and freelancin and small dudes- they be hurt the most by all these dudes you stand up for- check yo self, you ain’t been down here with the real peoples, have you? They be hurtin the most because of how yo region treat people fo DECADES. They do not treat professional production creatives or system IT specialists as they should. You best have lots to learn. Your region is suffering because of these morons you think deserve value and respect. There ain’t no respect in advertising, learn it, Marketing 101. Eat or be eaten, feast or famine and enjoy your last supper, Zboy Christ.

Derby | Reynolds walks the talk- you bring us their estimates, we show you our work. We don’t have to sell ourselves, you, and the clients must prove you want to save money. So far you fail Mr. Zach Man. That is the chance you take or the money you lose. If you don’t like our talk, then take your walk somewhere else. I fenda say you outta line comin round here tellin us our bidnizz when you fenda stand up fo the same m%ther f@ckers who be robbin hard workin peoples like me, and maybe you, for decades. The way you talk I fenda think you gonna turn out just like those greedy white a$$ed creeps. I hope not, I fenda get along with fellow IT dudes but you, Zach, gots a lotta learnin to dos.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have another Lippy Lesson to attend to tomorrow. Jimmy n’ Linda be stealin my patch cables and you still be tellin me my bidnizz. Yawl gotta lotta nerve.
Yawl don’t like my “diatribes” boy? Tough shit, I’m Sean M%ther F@cking Lippy, IT Administrator fo Derby | Reynolds- you ain’t. I gots yo job boy!

Sean M@ther F%@king Lippy
I.T. Administrator
E: [email protected]

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