Lippy’s Lessons | 5: Somebody best answer Jennifer Kowalski’s phone; or I fenda read my co-workers emails.

Somebody best find Jenny girl from Marketing Research. Her phone be dialed up like a mother fucker today! I says to Alyssa today, “yo Lyssa baby where the hell is Jenny girl at? That shit be ringin off the hook! Bitch locked dat doe and left the ringer volume on eleven! Come on, she know I don’t like that, it’s like she trippin on me and shit and she ain’t even here? I know you gots the keys, lemme in there, I fix that mother fucker.” Lyssa was like, “Close your door sweetie. Jenny is on a sales raid trip and won’t be back till Friday for an appointment.”

WHAT YOU SAY? HAIL NAW. GIMME DOS KEYS! “No, Sean, I can’t, office policy states I can’t hand out the keys… I’ll make it up to you- paper closet at 2:45?” I’M SEAN MOTHER FUCKING LIPPY, GIMME THOSE GOD DAMN OFFICE KEYS OR I FEND TO READ EVERYONE’S EMAILS. 2: 45 lookin good baby, I’ll be bring the jumbo Bic pen so we can draw all up on that mother fucking stack o’ paper.

Hump day my ass, there ain’t now way I can do my javascript tricks today if Jennny Kowalski’s phone be ringin off the hook. I fend to read some emails, till later.

Sean Lippy
IT Administrator
E: [email protected]

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