There’s no Value & Respect in Advertising; There’s Only the Color of Money, & it is Orange.

Hello everyone, it’s me again, LaVonne Hayes, the P.R. Director for this wonderful ripe tomato on a vine called DERBY | REYNOLDS.  I’ve been busy of late replying to Derby | Reynolds Racists (people who hate our colorful company). I do feel bad for these people… peasants, maybe.  Poor regions breed peasants. So sad!  Well today we received another wonderful comment from our fan, Zach S.  He seems to think this industry is filled with value and respect, funny!  I’m a 55 year old single woman without child, I’ve given my life to advertising and marketing, there is no value or respect and I’ll tell you more after you read what Z man had to say to us below.  (If you missed the previous P.R. Release Zach is commenting on, click here first and come on back).:

Calling people racists is taking it a little too far, LaVonne. I’m insulted, and I sincerely hope that D|R does not intend to continue conducting itself in this manner. I know many of the people that you’ve personally attacked on your site, as I’ve been active in the area’s advertising community and am the founder of a local web technologies user group. You’re not only hurting the local traditional advertising companies by conducting yourselves in the manner you are, but are also hurting the smaller, independent shops and contractors. I cannot in good conscience sit idly by and watch you devalue our industry.

I truly hope that business owners see through your rhetoric and see the real D|R, which seems, from my limited exposure, to be a company filled with people who are willing to resort to name calling rather than intelligent, civilized conversation. I’m a very well educated person, and I don’t need to be treated like a child (or an enemy, for that matter!) Maybe somebody there will be able to change my opinion of D|R, but currently, without a public portfolio showing actual work, I find it hard to believe you could deliver anywhere near the caliber of work I’ve seen from the local agencies.

The point of my original comments, in summation, was this: Do you really take yourselves and the industry that you’ve chosen to represent as a joke? Because the tone of your communications at every level within your company seem to suggest that you are not to be taken seriously and do not take our industry seriously, either.

As an aside, I know plenty of IT people who are happy with their jobs, without the help of any substances. The fact that you automatically associate IT with the use of drugs makes me wonder what circles you run in.

LaVonne Hayes, P.R. Director

Zach, first off, thank you for taking your time to care to comment. We at Derby | Reynolds love people with emotions- even you, a Derby | Reynolds Racist.  We still love you Zach.  You are a child of God like all of us!  Look at me, 55 and childless because of a life spent in Advertising and Marketing, an industry you think deserves value and respect.  You are wrong. Spend a little more time with the working class people of the industry and what you say will be challenged.  The majority of these people you think are very happy, are not.  There’s no union to protect theirs, my, or your rights still. And it’s 2011, we’ve seen the rise and fall of Michigan and Madison Ave advertising in this great country.  These smaller ad firms you allude to standing up for devalued the industry a very long time ago in regions like yours.  The working class, professional creative if I dare call them that anymore after how most have been treated in the last decade, don’t consider the industry to be worthy of respect or value due to unethical practices that have forced many like you in your position to work for yourself.  There is a beginning and an end in this industry. The days of age old traditional ad firm business are over.

We have company rules we do abide by when it comes to a portfolio. You keep asking to see our work. You know the rules, we told you in the previous P.R. Release.  Bring us their estimates, we show you our work.  Our company, our rules, Zach, not yours.  If you really want to save money, well, you gotta work for it too before we decide if your project is worth 50% off the competition’s estimates.  Pretty simple. Capitalism, a free market, invites competition at its finest here at THE WAL-MART OF ADVERTISING.™

You are probably still confused but judging by the time of the night you reply to us, you must be working very hard around the clock to make ends meet. We feel for you. We don’t allow that sort of unethical behavior here. No one works all night, ever; and if one of us is called into address an orange flag on the weekend or yes, at night, guess what, double time pay and a personal thank you from Mr. Derby & Reynolds themselves.  You tell us who does that in your poor, poor, unethical region. Ok? Ok.  This is the new industry we have ventured into, still without a union for the professional creative base to count on strangely (it’s 2011, did I say that already?), so why can’t Derby | Reynolds be the new model for many contractors you say are happy.  They are not. There’s more of them than ad firms right now.  They have found us and now they are waiting for you to see the light that is orange with a white dot!  You seem to think your regional references deserve value and respect.  They abused those two ethical items a long time ago in your industry.  There is none of that, there is only money; money to make, money to save. Where do you fit?  Right now you stand to look as conservatively blind as many in your region.   Think of us as a voice for the people who have been shit on. There’s no softening of the edges around here with our language because this is America. Live it, learn it, make it yours, FREEDOM ZACHARIAH FREEDOM.

Finally, even though you hate us, we love you still because my God knows 1 color, orange.  If you don’t like the color orange, please come forward with your feelings further and tell us what it is about the color orange you can not stand. We had a meeting today to discuss changing our company color to violet before the suffering ad firms with orange in their logos do such. We looked at your region. Jennifer in Marketing Research showed us a colorful example from the N. IL region. Many ad firms have orange in them. Wow! We decided it was an emotional issue you make have with this color. Tell us your feelings on the color orange if you wish, but I must be moving on. Thank you for your time.

Regards again,

LaVonne Hayes
Director of Public Relations
E:[email protected]

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