A Letter From Our Presidents | June 2011

Bill & I want to thank you for a great first half of the year!  Our dreams we share with you and your businesses are helping you save drastically on your marketing dollars while helping us become THE WAL-MART OF ADVERTISING!

We began this company in the heart of the recession, seeking solutions.  Our solution was to help your businesses save on marketing and ad dollars wasted at your local ad firms.  Their estimates, overhead, and business methods are archaic and greedy. Bill & I sat down and asked each other, “how can we do what they do, but better and cheaper?”   We found the formula right there in your hands, estimates provided to you by our competition!  Their cost, our guarantee- 50% off their estimates, no catch!

Our formula is proving to be a multi-million dollar success but we must admit, it’s not original.  Bill & I took refuge in the local Wal-Marts. We asked ourselves repeatedly, “How the hell does this work?”.  We stopped a few people while they were shopping and asked them, “Why Wal-Mart?”  Every single person we talked to said, “Hell, it’s so cheap, why not?”  We started to notice a pattern.  Americans LIKE being cheap, and they LOVE cheap wholesale, price-reduced products and services!

We did some soul searching, while talking to experienced Account Executives and peers we’ve met throughout our careers in advertising. They were at odds with this formula. Most we talked to said, “It’s Hillbilly Marketing, Thom! You’re going to piss off an entire industry that is known for making money off of clients, not saving them money.” or “Get outta here, Bill! Why would you want to help businesses save money?  We’re in the business of making money and what you’re suggesting is cheap.”

But is it cheap?  No.  You see Bill & I have a conscience.  We were tired of lying to clients and to our own production workers for an extra fee padding we saw back in our own pockets every 2 weeks while driving our Audis and weekend Hummers.  We woke up and decided that the Hillbillys were smarter than our advertising and marketing peers- THEY WANTED TO SAVE MONEY!  With that we thought, “Maybe Hillbilly Marketing tactics are the answers to all of our recession era problems?”  Yes is the answer, and so it became our goal to save businesses money with a catch!  Our competitors prices, give them to us and we’ll do the same job for 50% less!

There is no way our formula can fail as long as people are poor, businesses are struggling.  It can’t fail if you’re wealthy and your business is doing great either!  Wholesale marketing services that are set up to help your businesses save now on your marketing and advertising budgets, while employing the nation’s most desperate, unemployed and talented creative professionals!  It’s no different than Wal-Mart, Sam’s Club, Lowe’s, Home Depot and other providers of discounted services and products.

We are very proud of our Hillbilly Marketing tactics. The other guys are robbing your businesses blind. William Reynolds & I, Thomas Derby, are proud to be your Robin Hoods.

All of us here at DERBY | REYNOLDS want to thank you for an incredible first half of 2011.  Look for us out on the road, we’re taking over the midwest- and then the world!  Those of you desiring more information about our amazing formula for marketing success out of Bill or I can contact us via email below. We’d love to talk to our consumers, future clients, and angry competitors.


Thomas Derby
Co-Founder / President
[email protected]

William Reynolds
Co-Founder / President
[email protected]

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