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Jeff Tethernick Swoons Embry-Riddle in Houston, Texas

The Color Orange (aka, DERBY | REYNOLDS) made a huge impression Friday night, Aug. 5th, in Houston, Texas.  Jeff Tethernick, head of our Accounting Department, had been vacating with his family when a chance encounter with a foul ball at a Houston Astros game led his son, Vince, into the arms of one of the […]

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Lippy’s Lessons | 15: My successful 34 year old body and how I looks so good!

  Today the Rockford Register Star, a little town newsletter in the peasant region of Illinois bout fitty miles from Derby | Reynolds, axed me on the facebook dot commie, “Share your successes and struggles with weight loss here. Way to go, Angela!”  Now, I don’t knows who this Angela is because  wes have many […]

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A fan of DERBY | REYNOLDS eats Sean Lippy's favorite ribs at Chili's during Sean and Alyssa party for her promotion to Jr. Account Executive.

Lippy’s Lessons | 11: Who are yous? I tell yous!

YAWL KNOW WASSUP?! Well, it’s Friday for one; secondly, there’s been some crazy bowl sheet going down at THE WAL-MART OF ADVERTISING.™ I’m not allowed to talk about it yet but when I dos, yawls will knows. We gonna be bigger than ever is all my ass fenda share with yous about Mr Thom and […]

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L>R: Thomas Derby and William Reynolds first met at  Leo Burnett, date of photo unknown though the office rumor is 1982, Chicago.  The ties reveal the origin of the Derby | Reynolds logo.

Trouble On The Homefront: Bill & Thom, Our Founding Fathers, Disagree & Wrestle Each Other

Derby | Reynolds’ Founding Fathers (Company Partners), Thomas Derby & William Reynolds, Punched Each Other Last Night After Arguing About Sean Lippy’s Language On the Internets. P.R. Release: 07.28.2011 Breaking news here at the company home front.  Thom Derby & Bill Reynolds had a heated argument last night regarding our I.T. Administrator’s language here on […]

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Our KIA marketing solution equation will not total BMW quality your business deserves.

3 Steps to Help Your Business $ave Now!

Thomas Derby & William Reynolds noticed after years of marketing and advertising experience that companies were tired of paying fair to medium to top dollar costs for high quality marketing solutions related to a company’s product or service needs. They also noticed that many companies were executing positions and departments that for decades provided the […]

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Lippy’s Lessons | 3: Friday Funday Be Givin’ Me The Diarrhea Or Those ‘Talian Nachos Had Some Funky Pepperonis

Friday funday at the office can be a bit tricky. Half the staff likes to sport they orange polos with the white dots, that’s the way they be dressin down round this bitch but I don’t wear polos. Fuck that shit, I like to cover up my arms in a nice dress shirt even if […]

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Lippy’s Lessons | 2: This Coffee Maker Is Ruining My Day

Hello again, this is Sean Edward Lippy, IT Administrator for DERBY | REYNOLDS, checking in to relieve some office stress. I’ve been drinking questionable coffee again today so forgive me ahead of time before my mother fucking mouth goes off the rails. How hard is it for your office manager to make sure that the […]

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JULY Newsletter from Our Company Presidents

{READ JUNE’S LETTER}JULY 2011 Dear workforce, June was an unbelievable month for DERBY | REYNOLDS. We tried to save a very poor region in Illinois called Rockford but had to retreat due to labor threats made by competing ad firm owners and churches acting as ad firms.  They must’ve not read the book (in college) […]

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