Lippy’s Lessons | 18: My Favorite Word is BENDER and Labor Day is some Bowl Sheet, Y’all!

Sean Lippy, I.T. Administrator

Sean Lippy, I.T. Administrator

Y’all wondering if Sean Lippy be dead these days?  Guess what, nope.  My mother f**king ass has been working– unlike most of y’all.  I work for the greatest company of all, Derby | Reynolds.  We don’t take bullish!t public sector holidays off like “Labor Day”.  Hail naw, that’s some bowl sh!t.  Most of those mother f**kers git 15-30 days off a year, some of them 2-3 months!  They had all summer to enjoy they BBQ sauces and backyard swimming parties.  Labor Day to most peoples like me, Sean Mother F**king Lippy, means we have an extra day to work while y’all party at our tax expense!  Hail NAW.  Y’all tripping on yo weekend benders.  Speaking of ‘benders’.  That be one of my favorite words to use of all times.  Check it out:

Business men (SCUMBAGS IN BERGNER’S SUITS, Y’ALL!) on golf and lunch benders.

Strippers on tattoo or kitty cat adoption benders.

Teachers on weekend and Tuesday Applebees discount benders.

Nurses on God-complex benders.

Doggies on kitty cat & squirrel chasing benders.
(I like this one a lot.)

Eggs and bacon in my stomach benders.

3 Day Love Marathons with Persian, Italian and Russian girls benders.

Poor people on booze and BBQ benders.

Talian Nachos on my face benders.

Cash monies in my wallet benders.

Thom’s Mexican Strombolis in my toilet after I eat its benders.

Drunk ladies from poor villages like Rockford, IL on Derby | Reynolds goldfish eatin’ benders.

Drunk ladies from poor villages like Rockford, IL on Derby | Reynolds godfishie eaten’ benders.

Y’all know was sup.  This list be going on and on.
Anyway, I needs to go.  I gots to work unlike most of y’all.  To all you teachers and public sector government employees out there today, have a happy Labor Day at my expense.

That’s right, Lippy don’t give two, three and four daily shits what you think.

Sean Lippy
IT Administrator
E: [email protected]




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