Lippy’s Lessons | 1: Differences Between Ad Men and Douche Bags

Hello, I am Sean Lippy, IT Administrator for THE WAL-MART OF ADVERTISING. This is my first entry. Welcome to my corner of the world, where functionality trumps cosmetics in Marketing & Advertising.

What does that mean?  MY JOB IS TO ENSURE (NOT TO INSURE– ENSURE IS A WHOLE LOT DIFFERENT THAN INSURE, AMERICAN’T) EVERYTHING IS SECURE AND WORKS 100% OF THE TIME, 24/7. PERIOD.  There’s no time to wonder about colors and shapes as many Ad Men on lunch time benders do with their clients.  Child’s play. I AM A REAL AD MAN. I make sure shit works, not the Don Drapers of the world with their leased Audi’s and Chili’s Bar Tabs. That is the difference between me, an Ad Man, and Douche Bags.

How do you spot a marketing douche bag? Easy. They’re never working. They stop by the office in the morning after a “breakfast meeting” with changes to the project so-and-so in the South West region is working on.  They spend an hour or so returning phone calls, loudly, or wasting production workers’ time with stories from the bar they got drunk at the night before. It’s then you realize they didn’t attend their morning meeting. There was no meeting, and they had those project revision requests from the client days before, in an email they didn’t forward to the actual people WHO WORK ON A FUCKING PROJECT.

These are marketing and advertising douche bags. THEY’RE FISHING, NOT WORKING, AND HIDING FROM THE OFFICE OF REALITY.


They take off early for lunch, sometimes not to return, loading their schedule with more meetings.  Frequently you’ll see them in dress down clothes, mid day, partying at the old Chicago over pitchers of beer and Italian Nachos. I WANT NACHOS TOO BUT GUESS WHAT? I am responsible, I am Sean Lippy.

I have spotted them everywhere.  I do work, I am not just the asshole in IT.

Till next time,

Sean Lippy
IT Administrator
E: [email protected]

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