The Bon Iver of Orange Company Work Polo Shirts Debuts on TV

P.R. RELEASE:  06-20-2011:

Justin Vernon of Bon Iver Sports our Orange Polo With a White dot on Colbert Report!

Bon Iver, the alternative and independent R&B-80s folk-pop-metal band from Wisconsin (the land of Badgers and Packers and beautiful concrete roads) debuted their lead off single, “Calgary”, from their recent 2011 release on 06-20-2011 for Comedy Central’s, Colbert Report. The real news is what the bearded front man, Justin Vernon, was sporting on his upper body: AN ORANGE POLO WITH A WHITE DOT – DERBY | REYNOLDS!  THE BON IVER OF ADVERTISING!™

We here at D.| R. – H.Q. couldn’t be more thrilled to know that one of our company work shirts ended up on Justin Vernon’s beautiful bust. What great exposure, thank you Justin.  Our orange shirt looks wonderful on you. So much so that in return, we’d love to sponsor one of your events in the midwest, no where else.

© Neil Ackerland

Maybe come to a poor region like Rockford, IL, (just south of Beloit, Wisconsin, which is way south of Bon Iver’s home town, Eau Claire), and play a lonely, old American Theater like the Coronado Theater? We will sponsor you and it will sell out because we are all about putting the $ back into YOU$A! The kids, and the city, its downtown and the surrounding businesses (there’s about 2 or 3 that are open down there near the Coronado, not much, but it’s better than nothing) will thank you for selling out an old, lonely, poorly run theater in the middle of nowhere that needs help- and great music. BON IVER – DERBY | REYNOLDS THANKS YOU FOR WEARING OUR ORANGE POLO ON THE TV!

Have a fantastic day,

LaVonne Hayes
Public Relations
E: [email protected]

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