Ad firm owner in Rockford, IL threatens DERBY | REYNOLDS agent and calls our company foul names!

“I didn’t think Advertising and Marketing would be a threat to my family, safety and livelihood- but I forgot that I live in Rockford, IL.”

An angry, ad firm owner from Rockford, IL, physically approached one of our off-duty regional marketing reps on June 7th, 2011 in the late morning.  No body contact was made but the angry, white, ad firm owning man verbally harassed one of our off-duty agents at the place of his part-time employment, about his involvement with DERBY | REYNOLDS.

The agent called in the news after his shift was over to vocalize his concerns for safety:

“I didn’t think Advertising and Marketing would be a threat to my family and livelihood- but I forgot that I live in Rockford, IL.  It’s evident that many businesses forget this is a capitalist society that thrives on competition.  Mr. ___ ______ of ______ _______ in Rockford, IL, had no business talking to me, at my part-time job, they way he did, using the tone of voice that he did- and tearing up my DERBY REYNOLDS business card in my face; and then tossing it at me while cursing Thomas Derby’s name. Thom Derby is a brilliant man and his business partner, William Reynolds, is a sales & marketing guru!

I’ m thinking now that ad firm owners in poor economic regions like mine are getting a whiff of their own medicine- our way is no different than theirs aside from the fact we are saving their clients money, with their estimates, in our hands. Brilliant.

DERBY | REYNOLDS sales model is built to help businesses recover, sustain and thrive. Ad firms refuse to accept the marketing idea that there’s a new sherrif in town calling themselves THE WAL-MART OF ADVERTISING.  So that makes them scared, and angry.  Thom Derby instructed me during my sales training in regards to angry white, ad firm owning men, “Remind them to wear their metal panties.”

The behavior shocked me but after a few hours, I realized I still lived and worked in one of the poorest cities in America and I do need to worry about my family, safety and livlihood. I want to stay alive!

It’s with sad regrets that I resign from Derby | Reynolds due to safety issues in this poor Rockford, IL, region.  I don’t feel safe here, these ad firm owners have completely forgotten how to behave in a capitalist society. I hope they see the light, maybe go back to school to take a Marketing 101 course to understand capitalism and competition in America. Till then, I hope Derby | Reynolds the best, and I hope for all of your competition to invest in metal panties while you become THE WAL-MART OF ADVERTISING.  GODSPEED!”

All DERBY | REYNOLDS’ regional marketing and sales agents should be alerted by these safety concerns.  Keep your eyes and ears open for executive savages who try to rule over regions in America destroyed by unethical behavior.  As this agent did, please call as soon as possible with any unethical business threats you’ve received from our competition. To our agents in economic wastelands like Rockford, IL, Cleveland, OH, and Detroit, MI- be careful; white, angry ad firm owning men are the most dangerous men in America!

Please send threats, safety issues and complaints to:

Alyssa Sojahnowski
Human Resources
E: [email protected]

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