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Derby | Reynolds is hiring as always!
Positions available now but are you willing to make something out of nothing? Thom Derby & Bill Reynolds did!


286 Regional Sales & Marketing Positions

We are currently fulfilling sales positions all over the United States. You must be good looking and multi-cultural (that would help us fulfill a few ethics regulations and hiring laws), or if you can’t fulfill those two; we’d really like you to be super smart and qualified to do an excellent job anyway!

Your duties include arranging & servicing sales calls, appointments and providing estimates based on our competitors’ estimates using our 3 Step Rules to helping Customers $ave money now! You are not required to have computer skills but an understanding of marketing services and terms are required. Energetic individuals with an ability to sell BMW quality marketing services for the price of KIA, over a few drinks, and on your own set work schedule, is required.  You must have the ability and patience to contract a selection of regional freelancers provided to you by Derby | Reynolds to work with upon contract fulfillment and production commencement. Can you handle being one of 300+ sales reps in the United States?  Our company’s Top 10 sales reps could take home a prize at the end of the year, plus a very nice bonus! The top 3 sales reps in any region win an all-inclusive week long trip to our company’s founders’ beach-side resort in the Cayman Islands!  A guest, airfare, and a daily stipend are included!


Our South Western Region's Freelancers gathered for music and snacks last February. The party was paid for by 2 of that region's top sales reps. Both sales reps (not featured in the picture) won a vacation trip to the Cayman Islands for a week!


25 Freelancers:  Programmers, Designers, Copywriters, Photographers, Videographers, Social Media Specialists & IT Specialists

Can you assist the regional sales & marketing reps all over the United States?  If so, you will receive the first opportunity to produce work on contracted accounts that our Regional Reps arrange for you. You will be responsible for an average of 2 states worth of regional accounts arranged by your reps.  You will be your own art director, senior programmer, editor, etc.; and are required to meet the deadlines set forth by your Regional rep.  Skill-sets range. You must be adept to handle everything.  We require our each member of our production team to know at least 2 speech & writing languages, though we will settle for English if you know how to do something else very well, like engineering.  If you are a photographer and you know you could be a decent architect, still contact us! We require our creative contractors to possess a minimum of 6 scripting languages- even the videographers.  No one gets a free ride, we expect our contracted freelancers to be the BMW of freelancing, and to act like it for the cost of a KIA.  We want the best of the best, we know you’re out there and starving. The freelancer who accomplishes the most tasks at the end of the year will be treated to an AMAZING 5-STAR meal by that region’s rep! ARE YOU A STARVING ARTIST? Derby | Reynolds wants to feed YOU.

Anyone interested in working for our team may contact Human Resources below via email. Please include a brief bio and description of your skill-sets along with 50-300 words (a paragraph) detailing your goals and visions for a better world through marketing services AND WHAT YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT. Enthusiastic thoughts are encouraged, only the most passionate, desperate and hungry for a job candidates will be contacted.

Please send inquiries to join our growing team to:

Alyssa Sojahnowski
Human Resources
E: [email protected]


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